Is water from the domestic water pipe network clean & healthy? – You may feel that the water from your domestic taps are clean and healthy… But if you cut your domestic wall concealed water pipe and check its inside, you`ll be very surprised to see the scales and rust that has formed inside over the years. Any domestic water pipe line will have rust and scales deposit due to its prolonged usage and water circulation. If left unattended, water pipes will breed E. coli, Legionella, enterovirus, microcystin, arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, etc., they can cause scale and rust formation resulting in blocked pipe lines. If you wash your face with this kind of water, your skin will lose its texture and eventually get skin allergies. If you drink this kind of water directly, such matter will be deposited in your body and thus becomes a threat to one’s health in the long run. Reliable test reports show that the water quality in an uncleaned water pipe is 6.5 times dirtier than through a new / cleaned water pipe network. Though the water from an ordinary tap may seem clear, the scales and rust on the pipe walls makes the water unhealthy for consumption. International water testing laboratories have detected that the water from domestic water pipe networks contain up to 0.19ml/L of Pb (Lead) and other heavy metals including Fe (iron), Hg (mercury), arsenic, cadmium etc. How to judge the cleanliness of your domestic water pipe network? – When the water discharge from the pipe becomes thin and the discharge is with a low pressure it is an indication of heavy deposits of rust and scales in the pipeline. In addition, if any of the symptoms like Scales formation on faucets, rusty water from taps when left unused for 2-3 days, turbid or colored water from pipes, if the age of the piping network is beyond five years, If any one condition like above is observed, it’s a clear indication that your pipe network needs rust removal and de-scaling. What are the methods to clean domestic water pipe line networks? – Use descaling chemicals like Oxyway–Extra, The second is to use ozone cleaning, the other method is High frequency (Pressure Aerial pulse) cleaning technology, utilizing compressed air pulsation. This is a new technology and the advantage is fast, safe and effective. How often to wash domestic water pipe networks? – One time per year is ideally recommended. Else a minimum recommended frequency is every 2 years. What can I get after the pipes are clean? – The water from taps get softer, cleaner and safer for domestic use. When you wash your face with clear and soft water, the effect will reflect on your skin and overall health in the family. The use of quality water enhances the quality of life too with younger-looking skin and overall health and well being.


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