Home Waterproofing Service (Bangalore)

For a home that never gives you trouble

Isn’t it frustrating to pay for waterproofing treatments that just don’t work?
The leaks return—often with mold—and the failed efforts cost you your savings. If it was only about money or looks, you’d probably give yourself a break. But you know that mold eats into your home’s health and causes breathing troubles for your family …

Simply something you can’t allow.

That’s why …

Skillsquares uses a 3-step waterproofing solution that permanently cure any kind of leak. Our waterproofing solution fixes leaks in any area—whether its on your roof, terrace, walls, underground sumps, bathrooms, or basement, once and for all.

How does Skillsquares’ Home Waterproofing team help you?

You detect the true source of a leak
We use thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters, ultrasonic leak detectors, stud finders, endoscopy cameras to find the actual cause of a leak without tearing any walls down.

Fix the leak (and the trouble it caused)
To fix the leak, we replace worn-out hardware, repair burst pipes, or heal the cracks on the roof—basically, whatever it takes for a permanent solution.

And then we fix all the walls, ceilings, and woodwork that were ruined. So, your home looks like itself again… and you can finally throw all the dinners you’ve been waiting to.

Waterproof your home for a decade
We then apply a unique Lifegiving Waterproofing Solution that keeps your home dry for ten years or more.

Our unique waterproofing solution is a five coats application, each with a different chemical nature and role—to seal the building, repel water, or deflect sunlight, to keep your home stay cool.

And enjoy the promise of quality
Once we fix the leak and waterproof your home, we guarantee that the leak won’t be back. And if by chance it does, you can count on us for a free repair.

Ready to fix those leaks for good? Call today.