Home Roofing Solutions (Bangalore)

For everyday peace of mind

Imagine if you had a place where you could unwind after a long and tiring day at work.
Nothing over the top—just a breezy terrace decked with some plants and a couple of recliners. How does that sound?

The great thing about a roof is—besides helping you relish a good book and a view—it really adds to your home’s appearance. Like a well-dressed man wearing a classic hat: it completes the look.

And just as a hat makes the blazing sun bearable… your roof absorbs heat, so your home feels a lot cooler.

Isn’t it amazing how much a roof can do for you? That’s why…

At Skillsquares, we help you design and build the perfect roof for your home. Whether you want a clay-tiled roof, a terrace roof, a skylight roof, a shingles roof, a UPVC roof, a polycarbonate sheet roof, a puff insulated roof or something even more unique, your need is a challenge and we never run away from one.

What should you expect from Skillsquares’ Home Roofing Solutions?

Professional design and build experience
Our team of architects and structural engineers understands your family’s unique needs. And help you find the type of roof that best serves them.

So, if you need a place where your kids can enjoy a game of football, or your mother can build her terrace garden … you have it.

High-quality workmanship
Our own workers and project engineers take your roof from an idea to reality. This way we ensure that the roof’s well-made. And handles the assault of heat, wind, and rain comfortably.

Regular maintenance support
With regular maintenance, your roof stays in good shape. And any issues that crop up because of time and age are fixed before you need a costly repair.

Promise of long-term satisfaction
Once your roof’s ready, we promise that it’ll meet your expectations and age gracefully. If not, you can count on us for a free repair (or as many as needed.)

Here’s what others say about our service …

There were some issues and honestly judging from past experiences with companies who tried building my roof and left halfway through, I had little faith that Nitito would go much different. I won’t lie, I was pretty irate with the initial crew, but Bijoy immediately sent people out to solve the issue, and worked hard personally to make sure everything was squared away. After that first crew left the site, I have nothing but good things to say about anyone I encountered afterward. They were professional and ensured the errors made by the previous erector were not only fixed, but made me confident they sorted everything out and inspected the roof again to make sure it was in done with quality. The roof withstood many heavy rains ever since it was built. As far as I can tell, the roof held up without the slightest bit of damage. There were minor issues and the team was prompt to quickly rectify them as soon as they were informed. We appreciate the quality of their workmanship and like the assurance we get because it comes with a guarantee too. A company is best analysed for the way they operate under pressure when there is a problem, and this company has earned their reputation for being the best, hands down. Thanks again Team Skillsquares.com.

Aditya Vasudevan,

#26, Block – 3, Manjunatha Nagar,

Kalkere, Bangalore.


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