Leak Detection Service (Bangalore)

For a home that reflects who you are

Isn’t it embarrassing when someone comes over, and you catch them eyeing the seepage on your wall?

What probably makes you feel worse is … you’ve tried everything—used waterproofing solutions, added a slope in the bathroom, rebuilt the whole wall—but nothing works.

It maybe because … all along, you’ve been treating the symptom, not the cause. Did you know a leak in your first-floor bathroom can show up on the living room wall below? That’s why …

Skillsquares’ Leak Detection team uses advanced tools—like moisture meters, ultrasonic leak detectors, thermal imaging cameras, stud finders, and endoscopy cameras—to find the true source of a leak (all without tearing your home apart.)

Why is Skillsquares’ Leak Detection team right for you?

You find all the hidden leaks
Our team uses specialized tools to spot easy-to-miss glitches—like pinhole bursts in a pipe—without causing any damage to your home.

Fix the leaks for good
Then, we do what it takes to repair the leaks permanently-heal the cracks on the ceiling, replace rusty parts, or improve drainage on the roof.

Clean up the other damage
Finally, we remove all signs of the leak: we repair the damp walls, soggy plasters, and moldy cabinets it caused. So, after years, you once again relish the flawless beauty of your home.

And enjoy long-lasting results
Once our team makes these repairs, rest assured that the leaks won’t return. And if they do, we promise to fix it for free.

Ready to leave those pesky leaks behind? Call today.