Luminous Elevators: Custom Lifts for Home (Bangalore)

For lifts that bring your family together

Wish your parents could enjoy pink skies on the roof with you? And not through photos on your mobile screen?

Choose Luminous Elevators for high-quality modern lifts that’re custom-built for your home. And watch happiness shine on your parents’ faces when they step on the terrace on their own.

What makes Luminous Elevators the right lift for your home?

It’s tailored to your home
You explore many types of elevatorstraction, MRL, hydraulic, and moreto find the one that’s perfect for your home.

And then you design the lift’s interior by selecting the ceiling, walls, and floor styles.

It’s comfortable
You know lifts where you don’t realize you’re moving and then you reach? Luminous elevator’s guiderail mechanism and traction system makes that smooth glide possible.

What’s better? The structure and machinery in the lift take little space. So, you have enough room to travel with your whole family.

It keeps your family safe
It’s door closure safety option and Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) mean no more bumpy entries into the lift or getting stuck when the current goes.

The lift shuts its doors only once everyone’s inside. And during a power failure, takes you to the nearest floor.

It’s kind on your pocket (and planet)
Regenerative drives, geared machine type, and LED lights that switch to the idle mode, make your elevator run smooth on much less energy.

You save money because of the lower operating costs, and the smaller carbon footprint makes it easier on the environment.

It comes with excellent service and aftercare
Our timely maintenance support guarantees that your lift stays in good shape. And when you need some extra help? We’re just a call away.

Here’s what others say about our service …

“Our church (St. Mary’s, Bangalore) has 3 floors, with the prayer hall on the first and second floors. This makes it hard for the elderly parishioners—unable to climb the steps—to come for service. So, we decided to install an elevator for their ease. For this, we invited bids from 20 elevator vendors in Bangalore. But none could come out with a firm proposal as the elevator space had a nonstandard dimension and needed a “built to suit” elevator.

While many shied away, Luminous Elevators took the challenge and executed the project with utmost technical and professional competence. Ever since its commissioning, the elevator has been running with minimum disruptions. Their prompt on-call service and periodic maintenance is worth highlighting.”

Fr. James Cherivuparambil,
St. Mary’s Church

Ready to help your parents truly enjoy your home? Call today.