Home Inspection Service (Bangalore)

For uninterrupted peace of mind

After months on the hunt, have you finally found the perfect home?

I bet you look forward to its quiet satisfaction after a long day at work … your parents’ pride the first time they visit … the laughter that fills your home when your friends come over …  and the jealousy that sparks in your colleagues’ eyes when they see pictures.

But imagine …

If after a while you move in—after you lug all your belongings across the city and invest your life’s savings into the property – you notice that there’s mold in the bathroom cabinets … cracks above almost every door frame … and seepage bubbling into the dining room wall that kills your appetite everytime you sit down to eat …

Isn’t it satisfying, then, to know that before you buy a house, SkillSquares’ Home Inspection team reveals its true health to you?

You get a detailed report—with photos—of all the issues, and tips on how to fix them. So, the owner of the house treat these problems before you make a deal.

How does Skillsquares’ Home Inspection Service help you?

You invest your savings wisely

We follow an elaborate home inspection checklist to rule out all plumbing, electrical, construction, crack monitoring using Tell -Tale and crack width measuring scales, damp surveys and family safety issues, so that your home serves you well for generations.

You learn the true condition of a house

We use tools like ultrasound leak detectors, thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters, endoscopy cameras to report all sneaky defects that miss the eye.

You promise a safe environment to your loved ones

By addressing short railings, moldy walls, and faulty wiring before your family moves in, you offer them a safe, hassle-free, and fun life at home.

Want your kids to enjoy a safe home? Call today