Swift and Sustainable Eco-friendly Homes (Bangalore)

For those who are proud to live mindfully

Our homes reflect who we are. Being someone who cares about their impact on the environment, it’s no surprise that you want yours to be kind to your family and the earth.

For people like you, Skillsquares’ eco-friendly homes are made with durable materials and advanced technology. This makes them greener than brick and mortar homes, as beautiful, WAY stronger, and ready at an astounding speed (sometimes under a month!)

What makes a Skillsquares’ eco-friendly home perfect for you?

It’s strong, durable and safe
Your home is built using Light Guage Steel Frame (LGSF) technology, which makes your home strong enough to keep your family safe during the worst storms and earthquakes. And affords everyday protection from pest, mold and fungus.

It’s ready quickly
The raw materials for your home are machine-made to precision before reaching your plot, and assembled according to IS and BS standards (link both.) Your two-story home is ready in a month, unlike a traditional one that takes six.

It’s easily adaptable
LGSF homes don’t have load-bearing walls that cannot be moved. So if you need to, you can make major structural changes to your home without sacrificing safety.

It offers more room
LGSF eco-friendly homes offer better strength to weight ratio. This means your home is strong enough with thinner walls and you have more room to lay out the furniture.

It’s fuss-free
Our team pays attention to detail during construction. That means, once you start living in your new home, you don’t face any leakages, breaks, and cracks.

It’s kinder to your pockets
Your home reduces your cost of living. Quality construction and superior materials protect it from wear and tear. And automatic energy and water-saving efforts keep the bills low.

And kinder to the planet
The construction of your home uses natural resources with care …

✔ It’s a brick-free structure to avoid digging up the earth for single-use resources
✔ It uses precise machine-built raw materials (prefab construction) to avoid unnecessary waste
✔ The core of your home uses recyclable steel which can be used again
✔ And green devices help you save water and electricity

Ready to set an example for others? Build a sustainable home. Call today.